Danger! Signing up for Free Solar

     Danger signing up for free Solar is not as free as advertisers say.danger300x300

You have all seen them. They bombard you with the offer of free Solar no money down Solar. Don’t pay for a year solar systems. Indeed, it seems getting a Solar System is easy and cheap.  

        First a quality Solar System is not cheap. However, it can be affordable. When you see the ads for Free Solar or with with no money down Solar Deals. You will find the same approach to these deals You might see the comparison of the loans banks were using before the crash on Wall Street. It’s the same short foresight that got them and us intro a heck of a lot of financial damage. What this will do to Sustainable Energy is as of yet not determined. Although, for sustainable energy these “Get Solar Now” sites do Sustainable systems no good. People will end up paying more or having a huge debt to pay off. Indeed, the old adage that nothing is free should be of no surprise to the capitalist society we live in.

      Therefore, look more closely at the “Solar Deals” and you will find the rotten apple. This system of selling has proven to be harmful to anyone that goes for it. In the long run, you will end up paying more than you would normally pay for your energy needs if you had no Solar System at all. 

So what do you do?confused

Well you could first learn all you can about Sustainable Energy Systems. As almost all  my post show. There are many sustainable energy systems. So finding the right one for you is no problem.

     Indeed, the steps to energy independence is still the same advice I have always stressed. Figure out how much you energy you use a year on average. Aim  your system’s power output be larger in power than you need. This will be done to give you a safety margin and not strain your equipment; thus making it last longer. Realize what back-up power storage you need. This is so you will never be without power.

      Lastly,  take your time do not be hasty in your decision, or you could end up paying more than you can afford. As we all know they’re people who will stop at nothing to sell their product. Even if it is harmful to others. They do not have your best interest at heart . It would be easy to sell someone something if they do not have the necessary knowledge to ask questions. Most of all the reason I have mentioned this is that the many scams to get people to part with their hard-earned money will continue until the house of cards  crashes down. And gives the Sustainable Energy Movement to free ourselves from fossil fuel a black eye. When the alternative energy industry is still in its infancy.

Thank You for your support and emails

The Tinkerer 

What is KVA ? What does it mean to my Off-Grid System?

    Greetings I have been asked many times about KVA and what it means. Instead of one of my long explanations. I found the site Coresite. An excellent post on the explanation for KVA. This article on the explanation of KVA and its relation to power usage.

     The following I copied and pasted from their site Coresite. I saw no author so I cannot write who wrote it, just the site it came from. I hope you find the explanation as clear as I did.


Posted on Coresite

Have you ever wondered why some power ratings are expressed in WATTS, some in AMPERES or AMPS, some in VOLTS, and some in KVA? This page will explain in simple terms the difference between the power ratings and describe when each should be used in your data center and network architecture planning.

A KVA is simply 1,000 volt amps. A volt is electrical pressure. An amp is electrical current. A term called apparent power (the absolute value of complex power, S) is equal to the product of the volts and amps.

On the other hand, a watt (W) is a measurement of real power. Real power is the amount of actual power that can be drawn from a circuit. When the voltage and current of a circuit coincide, the real power is equal to the apparent power. However, as waves of current and voltage coincide less, less real power is transferred, even though the circuit is still carrying current. Differences between real and apparent power, and thus watts and volt amps, arise because of inefficiencies in electrical transmission.

The resulting inefficiency of electrical transmission can be measured and expressed as a ratio called the power factor. The power factor is a ratio (a number from 0 to 1) of real power and apparent power. In the case of a 1.0 power factor, the real power equals the apparent power. In the case of a 0.5 power factor, real power is approximately half that of the apparent power.

Deploying systems that have higher power factors result in less electrical loss and can help improve your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Most Universal Power Supply(UPS) units will list the average power factor and real-time load capacity of the UPS, in addition to the KVA.

Example: You own a 500 KVA UPS unit (apparent power) with a 0.9 power factor.  The resulting real power is 450 kilowatts.

Some Useful Conversion Factors and Formulas

  • VA = Voltage x Amps
  • Watts = Voltage (root-mean-squared) x Amps (root-mean-squared) x Power Factor (PF) (a three-phase circuit would multiply the voltage by the square root of 3 or approximately 1.732)
  • 1 BTU (British thermal unit) = Watts x 3.413
  • 1 BTU = 1,055.053 joules (J)
  • 1 watt = 3.413 BTU/hour
  • 1 ton = 200 BTU/minute
  • 1 ton = 12,000 BTU/hour
  • 1 ton = 3.517 kilowatts


New News at Gajetest

Unclesam_wanting_something         The new news at Gajetest is this. Since I have been having a hard time getting the funding to test Off-Grid Equipment. I’m sure that many of you that follow my blog. Has heard (or read) me lament on this. Well now I have compiled an Off-Grid list of equipment with different types of power storage including an LiFePO4 power storage system. In the coming months I will record, and write about every part of the projects install. Thats right we at Gajetest LLC are going to install an Off-Grid system, and we want you to be part of it. Comment on what you see being done, and ask questions where you think you need more information. We are finally going to show you Off-Grid agriculture and energy systems, we will build them and record them. For you to read about and not just show you a system. We will explain why we chose the power of the system the power storage of the system and how we did it. Without the permission of Power Companies or Local, Federal Government. We know the common laws you need to know to build an Off-Grid system with out the involvement of the above mentioned. Thus giving you the ability to save thousands and truly buy and independent system. We will not be showing you how to create enough power to sell back to the Power Company. If your in it for that you cannot do it period. They will fine you or whatever they do to people who endanger the lives of others. We are teaching you how to be self sufficient and not how to become a Power Company. You and your neighbors cannot share power, nor can you sell your excess power to them, barter or sell your power to the Power Company.

However, a Gated community will be able to do this, and maybe the private home owner in the future will be able to have a Moody Road collective as the Power Companies are planning on making small OffGrid systems in their 14 year plan. So this could mean a change in the law as it stands now. But, for now you can only do you own property. That said let’s go on.

       The project will be mostly done buy me. However, being 60 years old and three strokes under my belt and one leg mostly titanium; I will have to have some help. I have tried to design a system that can be by most part DIY.

        In addition, I will be making my Sustainable Energy 100% Off-grid hybrid system. This being so I will be able to test other forms of S.E. equipment. Biofuels like the bio-digester, Gasifier, Wind turbines like the Maglev, Methane and Hydrogen producing equipment. 

          At the end I hope to have tested every system available to go Off-Grid with. The equipment I have tested and have decided on using is not backyard hobled together PVC. It is state of the art and it is affordable. As I have written plenty of times in the past it is not difficult or mysterious, it is not scary, it is exiting and you can do it your self or with some help in certain stages.

The equipment I am using has been tested by myself and coming from factories that have been making Off-Grid equipment for over 20 years. Plus, if I make mistakes you will see them and be able to side step through my achievements and setbacks. I really don’t perceive of any setbacks. As you know I have studied Off-Grid systems for over 7 years.  Add to that study time 7 years at the University of Hawaii studying agriculture and energy Sustainable systems.

           The Bio-Digester build will be coming  soon. As will the  Sustainable aquaponics and aqua-agriculture projects. When at the end of this long process I will have a home that will be 100% Off-Grid including protein, electricity, vegetables, fruits and nuts. The only thing this experimental home will make it not be 100% Off-Grid is that the water will come from the city water works, as we cannot dig a well on our test property. However, we will greatly reduce water use through our Off-Grid Sustainable.Agriculture projects will be great. To be 100% Off-Grid would delight me to no end. So we will have to call it 95% Off-Grid.

         For those of you that have a well; we at Gajetest can help you make your home, ranch, or business 100% Off-Grid. After years of trying and working on this out of my own funds to finally be able to show you.  

    Building your own Off-Grid system is cheaper than you have been lead to believe. Can be done affordably with quality equipment that will last for years. Quality equipment that is able to pay for itself in a few short years instead of interest driven loans for small Grid-Tied systems that are not powerful enough to really meet your demands.

       Our approach to Off-Grid systems is more affordable and will give you years of Free Energy and a new free from GMO food supply. Our agriculture Sustainable Systems are mostly formulated by the Hawaiians 4000 years ago recognized as one of the most sustainable agriculture systems ever found. Updated and made smaller for home or small agri-businesses. 

       Well that’s the new news I hope you will share this project with us and your friends. You will be able to learn probably laugh, but most importantly you will get truthful information. That’s always what I wanted to share. We do not need fossil fuel anymore, and you can make your own natural gas without Fracking or drilling.

The Tinkerer


The Biodigestor Build

                 This blog about The Biodigestor Build. Will be unlike most of my blogs meaning it will be short. I’m trying to design a DIY as low cost (as possible)  Biodigestor. For home at first and then one for business mostly Agriculture. I have received many emails on my build (thank you by the way). But I like a lot of other Americans don’t have a lot of money to spend. So I have to work with a limited budget. The Guys over at Facebook’s Solar Cities are really about Biodisetors now, and have many success stories with pics. They are a great source of instructions for those of you who cannot wait, and have a larger budget to work with tan I. If you do have a project and want to share it please tell me and I will proudly post anyone’s effort to build a Sustainable energy system including water preservation.

         As I said before you were able to get them already in a complete kit from China; who has built biodigetors for years at about $800.00.  Now that the Obama administration  has put a heavy shipping tax on imports from China causing them to go up in price. I don’t blame Obama he’s trying to save jobs. And make the corporations that support him happy. As we all know this is how democracy in a corporation owned pseudo-democracy works. Corporations just can’t believe their hold on fossil fuel is going to decline.

        However, China’s kits will still will be cheaper. One of the first gasifies I seen made a product in America was made out of thick stainless steel and cost $35,000.00 The China version is made of cast iron and sells for $1500.00 You want to pay for a shiny pretty steal one or would you rather save your money go for the cast iron one that has a life expectancy of 25 years? China’s version of any S.E. is years ahead of hours and I’ve even read where people claim China has stolen their 5 years in design Biodigestor, When China’s version looks a lot like theirs and has been in production for over a decade. Also don’t believe the hype it’s not new technology,  and it’s not a mystery. You can build one of your own.

           I also have to correct myself . In a earlier blog I said that the temperature would kill harmful Bacteria. I was wrong! It is not the temperature that kills, it’s the digestive bacteria that kills the harmful bacteria.


          Had to Find that out the hard way STUDY IT! As I hope all of you do that read my blog and the numbers are quite humbling. I wish I could go faster in my testing and building and I’m working on it.

The Tinkerer

Building a Biodigestor from Scratch

     Building a Biodigestor from Scratch affordably that will give you energy, and extra water.

  Remember when designing your Off-Grid System to make it completely separate from your Power companies grid.  Okay, Gajetest LLC is always trying to find or inform you on affordable Energy that is Sustainable. Well there are other resources that can be improved by Sustainability Systems. One of the most important resource that is getting in short supply is water. The Biodigestor gives you a chance to use your Greywater, and yes Yuck your Septic tank water again giving your yard, Victory garden, or flowerbeds our all of the above a chance to flourish naturally. So this post will not be long I am going to design one for a regular 17000 foot Ranch style Home. I will draw up the plans then will build it using recycled material. I have never built one of these. So it should be fun and challenging and if I can build it. 60 years old with three strokes under my belt you will be able to bypass the Power companies Grid. This can be done with a simple Gajet-Switch.

        To make this work as an Off-Grid system you will need Batteries like I have discussed in a past post. You will need an Inverter. If you wish to purchase a state of the art inverter. And of course a controller for the specific type of Sustainable Energy system you are utilizing. I can get you the best for a fraction of what you would pay for one in any outlet in America. You will need a gasoline burning electric generator. And to make the system perfect wind or Solar panels to round off your Off-Grid system. It really is not as expensive as the roofing companies or Power companies say. I live off of my S.S.D. checks and it is very enough to get by. However, I will build this basic system starting with the Biodigestor as it will be the most affordable design.

       So hold on to your vitals the old Tinkerer is going to Tinker with a system. It would not be fair if I did not give credit where credit is due. I have enjoyed the conversation at the site Solar Cities. They have really gone far in explaining the Biofuel method and the many different ways people have built them. There site is a great site! So go see the conversations and ask them questions. I’m going to film every part of my projects construction and put it up here on social media. You know what my company stands for Affordable energy for everyone. I’m not in this to make money I’m in this to lower or stop the use of Fossil fuels. Methane packs more power per unit of mass than any other combustible fuel. Indeed, turning your lawn mower into a Methane driven Machine cost Dollars for a natural gas conversion kit. So anything in your home that runs off Propane or natural gas will burn Methane with no odor. If you use natural gas you  an just hook the methane up without a conversion kit.

            So follow along it will be a slow process; because, of funding. However, it will be worth it to show you we can tell the Power Companies to take a flying leap with their leasing Solar equipment over 20 years at $200.00 a month and ending up with a out of date system with no storage capabilities when it is finally paid for.$48,000.00 later for what should cost you less than $10,000.00 and that’s using already built equipment. In addition, it will last for over 20 years guaranteed.  And at the Power companies $200.00 a month the system will be giving you FREE ENERGY in FOUR YEARS paid for end of story. Indeed another bonus, a lower water bill and can water like there is no drought.

The Tinkerer

Truthful Information about Bio-Digesters

        The truthful information about a Bio-Digester. A Bio-Digester is a device or devices that in concert take organic matter of all kinds and in the process of biologically breaking them down make other useful by-products of them. This organic matter from kitchen scraps to manure from domesticated animals to full operating farm production to even Septic-Tanks.

                  The little known fact is that you don’t have to have a lot of manure or a farm to make enough methane to run a generator that would charge your Off-Grid battery bank in say the winter or storm months when  Solar power you need is low; in addition, live in an area that is not conducive to wind or water turbines.

Good one
shown here as natural gas stove capabilities, generator and storage of Methane.

      This is a small home or suburban model I have come across. It has a feeder to place your food scraps in, and in addition it hooks up to your septic tank. All of this done internally so the finished equipment looks like a small greenhouse. It has no smell and not only removes dung from your septic tank so you never need to get it pumped like the commercials you see on T.V. all the time. In addition, it removes the water to. The water it removes and the septic tank contents  heated to a point where they are safe to fertilize your yard or garden. Reducing the need for more water and taking water that would just go to waste and using it to lower your water usage and thus your water bill. Or save water that is in your well.

          Okay once we get by the ew reason. Human waste used in farming in America up until the 1914’s. Then sewer systems were created to keep the waste from our waterways and reclamation centers to keep water clean a very good idea. You can also look up sites that are bias in they start it off as is Bio-Sludge safe? That’s like a statement are Republicans always wrong. Well as always I have read and investigated this deeply and come to the conclusion along with a lot of scientist that on a small-scale like a farm or home where you are in control and the state of the art machinery used. The mixture is heated to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is in this case  even the sulphur is separated. In addition its Microbes that kill the harmful bacteria not the heat. (This was news to me for I really thought the heat was needed to make it safe to use on crops.) So when you use the Methane as a fuel you are not gumming up your engine with sulphur deposits. Methane also burns with less carbon emissions than Gasoline, Kerosene, or Diesel. Methane also carries more energy per unit than any other fossil fuel. 

biogas plant               

           The trouble when you start investigating Methane as a fuel for Sustainable Energy people immediately call it natural gas. And harp about mining it and the amount of Methane released by coal mining. This process has nothing to do with this and to compare it is to compare apples and oranges. They are two entirely different processes. They start with the question is it worth it to mine, it takes off the tops of mountains, and many other concerns which are valid Fracking, water pollution, and others. However, Bio-digested Methane does not have to do with any of this and if anything it helps destroy or use methane.

People this has nothing to do with mining. Indeed, it has everything to do with Sustainable G.M.O. FREE naturally growing what you need in addition to GROWING the FUEL you need. These people confuse these two completely different processes and go so far as to talk about how much electricity it takes to make synthetic methane. This is one of the reasons we are behind other countries that use methane in their power plants. If you have a source of FREE Methane such as composted organic waste. Then it requires no electricity to produce except for the Bio-Digester pump. To pump and shred organic matter. A very small trade-off. And in winter compost will make its own heat. Anyone that has been on a farm or around farms has seen smoking bales of hay that get so hot the will catch fire. however the digester makes sure that the safe temperatures which make the organic fertilizer, usable fertilizer and water that will be safe for spring planting in combination with active microbes that digest the bacteria. Unless, of course you live in the tropics then it would be ready for your crops year around. Methane is easy to store. So all summer while your Solar Panels are doing their thing. You can store the methane you will need to run your generator in the winter long enough to keep your batteries topped off. And on hand during the winter or rainy months when Solar is not available.

       The Biodigester is also extremely affordable and when I have the funding to purchase one I will show you all about it. Because, as I have said before where I live I do not get wind or enough winter sun. Not enough to be completely Off-Grid and that is what this site is about. Low carbon footprint with absolutely NO FOSSIL FUELS and completely Off-Grid using the Power Companies as Back-up. 

With the Gajet-Switch you can use any Solar, wind, Bio-fuel or hamsters running on a treadwheel to power your Off-Grid system for pennies for the over-priced systems on the market today. And remember the Power Company’s 20 year plan of leasing your Solar equipment for 20 years at $200.00 a month! $48,000.00  later and in 20 years the equipment will be yours. Equipment meant to last 24 years. Oh! and you don’t get a battery power backup system with all that money. So they give you a $5,000.00 system for $48,000.00. And at the end of the 20 years it won’t do you any good because it will not work at night. But alas as always they get richer.

       Another thing is it is easy to convert a gasoline generator to burn methane or natural gas. There are multitudes of kits on the market. Next post the affordable Farm size Bio-digester that will run all your farm needs.

As Always learn what you can! Any questions please feel free to ask if  i don’t know the answer I can sure find it out.

The Tinkerer



Too Little or No Sun for Solar in the Winter?

      I find myself like some folks and get little or no sun for Solar in the winter months. As I have mentioned and shown before many “clean” alternatives to Sun or Wind energy systems. I came across this machine in my research and thought I would explain and show you pictures of quite a qaulity yet affordable alternative to solar or wind or an addition to round off a Hybrid System. I always liked Hybrid systems as all of your eggs are not in one basket.

      Therefore, I was going to make this post talk about one  system. As I started writing I realized many don’t know the alternatives, and some are confused as what really works. From actors on T.V saying you buy their little book and you can build a power system that will make the power companies pay you. To impossible gadgets that do not work like they ” the actors say they do”. So I decided to make a few post in a series. These post will  showcase alternative low or no carbon footprint Sustainable Energy Systems. As always any questions you have please write me! And in turn, I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. The membership of this blog increases by the day. Humbled and appreciate  by your trust in what  information I am able to garner for you. And as always these are not my opinions ” well the S.E. Systems ” let’s face it I do have it in for the 1%-ters 

      Recently, in my Sustainable Energy discussion group on linkedin a person in my group said: “that the term Sustainable Energy is a misleading term.” He went on to say that Sustainable Energy Systems relying on photovoltaic leave a large carbon footprint. And of course we have all heard the position on Power-Storage (batteries.) He said his most obvious point was that oil derived from certain plants, or corn for ethanol usually targets one type of plant or even Whale oil. So the supply is not sustainable as the one type of plant or animal would be depleted. 

      This is one of the reasons I write this Blog. For something to be sustainable it has to have limitless fuel capabilities. I would go further to say it should be something that leaves a smaller carbon print than current fossil fuels, and isn’t composed of exotic metallurgy. In addition, it should be a energy supply that is not reliant on one fuel. As in Solar you have to have Sun and wind… well you see my point. Wind and solar are very good and solar being the darling of the Sustainable Energy market. Indeed, the life of a PV panel is at best 24 years. With the patented Maglev wind generator ( The first time a person from China has ever applied for a U.S. Patent.)  we will have to see how long they last; but it will be a long time. 

     Now, what other choices are there? Well the smelting of metal cases for generators has less carbon footprint than the smelting and fabrication of a photovoltaic or PV cell. And we ( for the most part ) know a generator will last more that 24 years. So we have Wind as a long time generator of power. I think we all know the wind does not blow constantly. So what we have is a sustainable Energy system that is very intermittent at best. Okay before everyone calls foul. There are others that are permanent. Hydroelectric if you have moving water on your land or you live where tides are dramatic in changing. There are Hydrogen; however, so far to make Hydrogen it takes more electricity than the hydrogen can produce. This means Hydrogen is close but not quite there for a sustainable fuel.

        Methane is another, and the one I want to talk about. In a few post; because, some equipment has come to my attention that I think will have people looking a “Poo” a little differently. The Scientific name of Poo bein fecal matter. But alas Poo is Poo. There is a method now that will produce Hydrogen from Methane with little to no Carbon Dioxide produced. Lowering the carbon footprint of the production of Hydrogen which only emission is water a very “clean” fuel to burn.

       So my next post will be on this nifty Bio-digester that is affordable and does not stink up your home or neighbors no matter how close they are.

The Tinkerer

Lithium batteries or Lead Acid which is better for Off-Grid Power Storage?

        This is the size of a 48 Kilowatt Lithium Battery pack , and below is the equivalent Power and size of an Lead Acid Battery Bank., 

lifepo4 battery (red-black rack)-1

       Or also known as the best energy  storage  available right now. Why? Well let’s look at the pros and cons. I have long been an advocate of LiFePO4 batteries; because, they are small powerful and environmentally safe. They give off no toxic fumes, they have no hazardous chemicals that makes them hard to dispose of. And they will hold a charge for up to six months.The one pictured above would replace the lead acid battery bank shown below.

battery bankimages

         Alas here are the cons; well actually they only have one. Unfortunately it is the Elephant in the room. When one cell that makes up the 48 volts goes bad it is a rare occurrence. However, when it happens the whole power bank is dead. This is the reason I do not endorse the use of LiFePO4 batteries anymore. Until they find away to wire the cells in such away as to enable them to work if a cell or cells go bad I could not in good faith say they are the best way to 

have requested from a lead mine in China to design a strong sealed battery. They have come back with an astounding battery that beats any deep cell battery sold today. That means the Rolls Company Surrette battery line and the Trojan Battery line of batteries are not as strong in amp hours as the ones Gajatest will be offering

           Since they are a lead mine company they have the purest lead. No recycled lead in their batteries. All of their batteries have 99.999% pure lead. This means they will have a long life. They Guarantee these batteries for 15 years and I am confidant that they will last 20 plus years if treated correctly. That’s why I’m putting the Gajetest label on them. They Gel Batteries are sealed so no fumes to harm your family and no maintenance needed. You might have to clean the ends of corrosion but that would be minor and the have micro-surgers used during charging that will keep the post and internal plates clean.You could easily store them in your Garage. This means you will not have to replace them and gives them a longer life than any Lithium Batteries built today. They also come with a whopping 3500 amp hours. Those of you that read my blog know that voltage times Amp Hours = Watt hours. Now think 48 volts that is the most reliable voltage ( 92 volts being the absolute best! ) 48 times 3500= 168 KWH The average American home uses 16.5 KWH in a 24 hour cycle. Do the math 168,000 / 16.5 KWH = a little over 10 days if you completely drained the batteries. Another bonus of these batteries that they can take up to 300 amps of charging power. This means you can get the most out of your sun, wind, bio-fuels, or Hydro energy.

             Of course you would not want to do this but this means you can have at least five days of reserve power. So cloudy days would not be a problem.  If they were I have always said have a backup plan; and believe me when I say I have many designs for Hybrid systems.                  

         Usually if you have no sun you will have wind, or if no wind where your business or dwelling resides there are many other ways to have a backup or hybrid system. So all of your eggs are not in one basket. One I particular like is a small greenhouse looking methane producing no-smell and no sulphur plant. That gets it’s fuel from your septic tank and biodegradable garbage. In addition, it will produce energy and; give you a liquid fertilizer that is safe to use in your small garden or spray on your yard for rally green yard. Bonus it is a liquid so it will water your plants also without raising your water bill.



Renewable Energy It’s Gaining on all Fronts

          Renewable energy Gaining and in some case passing fossil fuels.Thomas_Edison's_nickel–iron_batteries It’s in the news. You are reading it if you read anything about energy. It’s great I’m all for it ! I have been an advocate from the start. Well not Grid-Tied but as anyone knows Grid-Tied will soon be a memory. As the Power Companies found out with the experiment in Hawaii With a Grid -Tied system they lose money. You can’t run a business losing money. Foe those of you who have not read every word I’ve written more the shame to you. I will recap: Said Power Company (we will refer to Power Company a PC because I’m lazy) client pays PC $500.00 a month and it being Hawaii that number really does not change unless they have babies first birthday big event in Hawaii bands all kinds stuff baby no clue but relieved parents very happy want to share with Ohana (friends and family) this great event. It really is a great event. Sadly the infant mortality rate for Hawaiian children was at one time very high because of first contact diseases. But baby good family happy and electric bill goes up maybe that one month.  Grid-Tied family that used to pay $500.00 a month  to PC now say got enough solar panels that PC owes them credit. They don’t have to pay extra for more power used because the PC owes them and will continue to owe them. Why?

     Hawaii has the most temperate climate in the world fluctuating no more than 15 degrees fahrenheit. So their PC bill never changes much. That means they will never pay the PC again. PC losing money. PC bans Solar -Tied Grid systems to stop money loss.

However, cats out of the bag people know now that renewable energy works too well for PC but we don’t care about PC. So PC announces that they will now lease Solar equipment to clients for 20 years after that time they will own equipment that is 20 years old, Price per month $200.00 a month better than $500.00 used to pay. Nope you do the math it comes out to $48,000.00  in 20 years they pay for this system whose life as we speculate for no one knows yet is 20 years. So after 20 years and a bunch of money they will own equipment that is outdated cause the way the renewable energy is moving. By then maybe someone will have built a better power storage system, or more powerful way of harvesting solar energy. And with it being Hawaii well Trade-winds they got great wind for wind energy. 

When I started Gajetest LLC I said I would test and show you affordable alternatives to what is offered at ridiculous prices in the renewable energy sector. I have said this after many letters of rejection from companies that make great equipment because they send me back certificates that prove their equipment does what it says it does. I write back that Americans are not going to accept certificates of how great the company is because we tend to be a bit arrogant and only trust what we see with our eyes or an actor tells us it is true. Stalemate. I have spent everything to build Gajetest LLC to what it is. A small Blog that has 5000 registered members  (For this I humbly thank you) With little to almost nothing in advertising. I was spending a dollar a day to advertise; however, it got to be too expensive. 

Ta Da! A group of investors has taken interest in Gajetest LLC  and is offering to invest in said company. Before you ask they have no Bias-Agenda. They like me want to see affordable renewable energy systems for people to shut down the PC. Why? Well PC wants to build two new reactors. I don’t care where they want to build them no place on earth is safe. Probably they want to build them on fault lines it seems to be the thing to do.  They want to keep Fracking because Natural Gas is safe. Natural gas might be safe; but they way they harvest it is definitely not by shooting Diesel fuel and some other kinds of chemicals we are still finding out . Because, believe it or not they were hiding behind the Colonel Sanders defense of secret recipe trade secret. I kid you not some Eco-Terrorist; because, that is what we call the watchdogs of these companies; because, these companies are so law-abiding  good citizens. It still makes me mad they call a conglomerate a citizen if it is a citizen shouldn’t it to the sandbox to fight for oil?

So as usual I digress.  I might soon have the money to buy test on video. We will become a Video-Blog sorry no paid actor just get me. And I will show you this equipment. I will show you the Power Storage systems I have designed that have a maintenance free life of 20 years. I have designed plug and play components you will not need professionals to help you install ( unless you want) Only professional you will need is licensed electrician to install my Frankenstein Switch. Gajetest LLC systems will be built to last 20 years. According to how they are treated to be more could be less. System designs will be made to fit the environment you live in, and pay for themselves in 2 to 3 years maybe less. I’m actually shooting for 1 to 2.5 years Thus the more you know about where you live the more it helps Gajetest LLC.  I have the Sunflower Solar tracking system it kind of looks like a parabolic dish except its flat. The beast part it will cut how many panels you need in half or increase the power you have by 45 to 50%.

1KW sun tracking system

You all know I do not like Roof mounted Solar panels or Wind generators. Because, unless you really trust you installer. It automatically voids your roof warranty if you have a twenty or more year roof warranty you don’t want to mess with it. But your choice I will make roof mounts available. But myself hitting the 60 age mark would rather install at ground level and keep them clean and easy to tinker with. Plus if you don’t know the roofs condition extra load weight especially in snow areas could cause you major problems. Your insurance will do anything to get out of paying for damages it what they do. They sell you something gambling on you never using it. And you having alterations done on your roof is one way they will be able to cry foul. Installing by a Solar company that by the way are going to start disappearing. This due to the fact that the PC will want to install your equipment part of the lease agreement. Solar experts know nothing about Off-Grid systems there freeride just going to get bumpy.

So big news I’m going to be able to afford to Tinker with some great equipment many you have never seen. Some have been in business for over 20 years. The LiFePO4 battery Gajetest LLC will be the first to offer it at an affordable price. Actually the price is dirt cheap compared to Lead acid Batteries that are highly toxic and have a recharge rate of 800 to 1000 recharges where the LiFePO4 is completely nontoxic except its plastic cover. And has a recharge rate 10,000 and up. One Li-ion battery the Iron Edison  is 50 years old and still working at capacity.  So we have high hopes for our LiFePO4 48 volt because 48 volts is the most stable inverter power.  

Gajetest LLC back online!

Gajetest LLC back online! Sorry! Due to trusting a not so trustworthy webmaster. And not doing what I should, and do it myself, Gajetest was offline for a few days. Which we know in Internet time is too way too long. 

On the good side I have been working hard to get the equipment to test and show you that going Off-Grid is not only sensible it is the best way to save your money and our planet. Now you have to admit saving money and the planet are like getting your cake and eating it with your favorite ice cream too. So in the near future I hope to update you on equipment (affordable) ways to save on your taxes. (Please do not lease equipment!) I have a future article about that also. So again sorry keep registering for the site, we’re all in this together. And with our help and the American spirit. We can take those polluters that  insist on Fracking ,coal, carbon belching power plants and God forbid another reactor! Like I told you before they plan two more. You want one of those not if but when the go off in your 1000 mile area? Not! We have to save ourselves from the 1%-ters, because they sure don’t give a damn about the rest of the 99%  just our money.

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