Sustainable: Energy, Agriculture Equals a Great Lifestyle!

Sustainable: Energy, Agriculture, Equals a Great Lifestyle! Unclesam_wanting_something

       Sustainable Living (S. L.) Sustainable Lifestyle is what will be about! Thank you for Visiting Gajetest a site dedicated to promote  Sustainable Energy (S.E.) and Agricultural systems (S.A.) both new and old. We want to deliver sustainable information on all types of living.  I’m the Owner of the site The Tinkerer. We all know the guy that can do a lot of stuff but a master at none. Well I’m that guy. Just give me a problem and I’ll work on it like a pitbull on a bone. Until I find some solution to the problem. I’m not afraid to ask either.

      I want to broaden information to include Agricultural information. I want to go into Sustainable Living. With this I not only will cover Energy solutions on my site. I want to also cover Agriculture and things related to Agricultural Sustainability.

    In addition, I would like the many people that have signed up at To share the ideas or things they know how to do. Maybe a written post or a recorded project you think the readers of a Sustainability site would be interested in. I hope to start getting interactions and discussions on the lifestyle of Sustainability no matter what level you are. Food: growing, preserving, keeping your soil alive, water usage, aquaponics, greenhouse growing, green house building.

      As you can see, the topic of Sustainability is far reaching. Even to the point to what our grandparents’ mite of taught us about their life through the Great depressionSustainable Living is a problem that is already been fixed years ago. Now we need to start reusing things our ancestors have taught us.

       For example. Aquaponics is thought to be a new kind of Agriculture. What if I told you the Polynesians and most recently (the last thousand years) The Hawaiian people were the experts at it. Now with the need of preservative, hormone, GMO, and pesticide free food needed. Aquaponics it is getting more attention than it has had in over 500 years.

             Less than 500 years ago the Hawaiian people fed their entire populace on each Island. Without any imports and absolutely no famines for over a thousand years. The Hawaiian people only traded crafts and dried foods to other Islands in their chain of Islands. In addition, they sent trade boats to the Polynesian Islands as they were excellent mariners.

         Gajetest is my brainchild. I wanted to use Gajetest as a platform to test affordable S.E. and S.A. products and equipment. I have found in my years of searching, that although many of the  equipment that goes into S.L. is readily available. I do not have the resources to test them all.

        So I want to offer as an information site that peoople can post on. (approved post only I know you guys) I will accept post from people that are living the Lifestyle of Sustainability. Their pictures of their projects and thoughts on how to get more out of your spending dollar.  

       I have a B.S. in Sustainable Energy.  I have studied and understand many sustainable systems. I can even (if you give me information) help you to decide what energy producing system might work best for you. I am unbiased in my opinion. Meaning? I’m not going to try and sell you a piece of equipment you cannot use. My only mission is to get trusted affordable solutions to energy and agricultural problems.

        I know of affordable systems out there right now. However, when I started this I wanted to test the products before I showed them to you. I wanted you to know they were as great as I will tell you they are. As stated above that was pretty much a dream I have been forced to face that I am not financially able to accomplish.

        However,  I can tell you of ones I have seen and read about. Looked-up at the specs. And in my “opinion” can say they are sound products or equipment. Though I have not had the opportunity test them. You see I was naive I thought that the companies that made these products would be happy to offer samples for me to test. I would test the equipment or product and post my unbiased opinion. This would enable me to promote their products.  Basically, most of these affordable products you do not know about. I want to rectify that.

          Moreover, in their hubris, and not in  understanding the world marketplace they think you put up a website, and people will flock to your site. You have a great product at a great price. Why wouldn’t people flock to your site? As we all know you have to be seen to be heard. Kind a philosophical notion; but true. If you are not seen then you do not exist (kind of like the cat in the box experiment).

      So this is what is going to happen at Gajetest. I am starting off with blogs on recent developments that you need to know about. I will go further to show you my designs on Li-ion battery backup systems as well as NiFe battery backup. I’ll inform you about the truth about Grid-Tied systems. Although, by the time you read this Grid-Tied systems may have been banned. 

        Remain calm, you do not have to worry. I can show you a better way than Grid-Tied systems. Systems that will give you the choice of running On or Off-Grid with the flick of a switch. In addition, you will be able to use any type of power generating equipment you want.

          This will help you greatly in reducing your Carbon Footprint. This will also save you thousands of dollars! The Power Company will not be able to tell you the brands you have to purchase. You will still get the tax credits and all the goodies the roofer/solar experts have been promising you. Without paying thousands more for your system that is needed.

         What happens then? It’s easy.The roofers are going to have a crash course in Off-Grid installation, instead of just slapping on 3K solar kits with 24 to 30 panels. Or even better instead of a Barn Raising Party we all get together for A Sustainable Grid  raising party!

        It’s a new world for Sustainable Energy and Agriculture. However, worry not!  The old Tinkerer can help, and hopefully others will join in and show what their doing to make themselves free of Power Plants, Seed conglomerates and Big Oil. 

       Thanks for stopping by, and please click on the ads. from here if you're interested in books or sustainable products or equipment. I promise to try and only have ads that relate to what I or someone else is writing about. Each click helps me get closer to being able to purchase equipment and products to test for the site.

Thank you

The Tinkerer 

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