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       I guess I should say something about the Tinkerer. Talking about myself in the third is a might strange. I've been interested in Sustainable Energy since I was in sixth Grade. Where I entered my contraption that was solar powered. I created electricity by powering a generator with steam made from a solar powered boiler. I got the idea from an article I read from the University of Florida Gainesville about a solar engine they were building.

      After reading it I knew I would not have the money needed to convert a Briggs and Straton engine to a steam engine. This being my first idea. So I set my sites to something I could afford I wound some coils and got some magnets and made an Electric Generator put some pedals on it like a Steamboat. Then went into making a Solar oven I had read about in Popular mechanics to heat up a copper pot my father helped me with. We had Moonshiners in our history so he was familiar with the design I would need. And proudly entered it into the Science Fair a sure win!

           Well it did not win. Most folks that were judging just did not understand why I did all that to light a flashlight bulb when we had batteries. Some just plain did not understand how it worked and how really cool it was. In fact to be honest, I don't think anyone in my school understood they were looking at the future. I won second place I think because of all the effort it took. I lost to a girl that had germinated some corn in milk cartons to show how the stages of germination took. I guess that was more important since I lived in a agriculturally ripe area of Florida. I swear I'm not bitter still!

           I think that little story kind of sums up who I am. I like to see how things work. And I have the ability to look at things and in some cases make them work better. Or more efficiently. I'm that dying breed of Tinkerer. A proud title I think anyone should aspire for. I don't want to get into a car turn the key and start it and drive away. I want to know why it starts what makes it run? What makes it move. In short kind of like a journalist the why the what the where of something fascinates me. As we go along I think you'll find me opinionated but I game to hear your side. I just want S.E. to be on everyones mind.

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David Adkins AKA The Tinkerer



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