Power Co.’s Demise

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     Power Co.'s demise. The great push for Grid-Tied Systems will soon be over. Off-Grid systems have been proven to be detrimental in the health of the Power Co.'s earnings. In actuality, their campaign to say the Off-Grid system was too costly and not in the consumer's best interest was the Power Company trying to hold onto their client base.  Something they were worried about until they have come up with another plan.

      The "new" Plan

       First some basic knowledge of the life of  Solar Panel. A Solar Panel is rated upon efficiency. The efficiency of a Solar Panel is is what it is rated for from the factory. The average Solar Panel has been found to be efficient up to 80% from brand new from factory specs. I have heard that panels from cooler climates have not lost any efficiency after 30 years. So the Power Co.'s have come up with a plan. A grid-Tied Solar System leased to you from them at $200.00 a month for 20 years. That is $48,000.00 folks.

        This is without any Power Storage and is usually a 3K system. This means you will pay the Solar cost and the cost for energy you use from the grid at night. With this plan and the banning of Solar Panels to Grid-Tied systems. This is the way they plan to make a large profit off of the average client. 

    Why do they want to ban Solar if it works? 

          The Power Companies thinking Solar power would be a fad and not work as well. This notion a huge mistake on their part. The Grid-Tied system are working to well. Power Companies charge different rates or what is called tiered rates. They charge the most when the most power is being used.

            Say the highest tier is 3rd tier then as you reach each tier you are charged more for your electricity. It makes sense for them in an economics way. Indeed, they say it is there to keep the usage down at the peak time of power usage.

       Well Solar panels produce the most power during the power Companies peak power usage time. This means the Power company is losing revenue. This is the time when a you are producing more energy than you need. Filling the power grid with your clean energy.

Yes, the energy you create from your solar panels or other energy generators is cleaner than the grids power.

       To drive home my point. The small State of Hawaii. Hawaii has the largest user of Solar energy in the United States with Arizona claiming a close second place. The amount that has the Power Companies banning Solar Grid-Tied systems is only 10%.

        10% is the power created in Hawaii from Solar systems. That little amount is enough to show Power Companies that Sustainable Energy is not a fad. It also shows them that it will make them lose money.

           business that until now has had no competition. Not only has competition, but is having to pay clients instead of being paid. Making them the client and not getting paid as is usual business. No business can survive in this type of market.

      Who Guessed? 

      Just ten years ago that the phone systems land line would become antiquated? That cellular, and internet lines would take over the phone companies monopoly? Now battery backed S.E. systems will soon make the Power Companies will have to rethink the use of oil, coal, and uranium. (Fossil Fuels)

      There will be no need for nuclear reactors. People will be in a position to create their own energy tailored to their location. What works best for them.

            So far the Solar panel is the darling of generating a constant source of energy. It just rest where you place it. Soaks up sun and creates energy for you. Energy that is cleaner than the electricity you get from the Grid. This means all your electrical appliances will last longer.

             I'm here to tell you that you can buy a battery backed Off-Grid system with the expected life of over 60 years! I'm currently in contact with a Company that will build the equipment I have designed to meet the requirements of a Home or business that uses 18 KWH in a 24 hour time. It will be much more affordable than even a Grid-Tied solar system. My designs are four basic systems. These systems will use two sources of generating power. They also will use batteries that are guaranteed for 60 years. The batteries I want to use have been known to last up to 80 years a documented claim!

So hold on we are about to spank Big Oil where it hurts! In their wallets!

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